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Welcome to Cyhoeddi Cymru | Publishing Wales

A new organisation has been founded to represent publishers in Wales

Cyhoeddi Cymru Publishing Wales

CCPW’s aim is to be a recognised, authoritative voice for the publishing sector in Wales, representing all publishers in Wales for our collective benefit and for the advancement of the sector. CCPW has been set up by a small group of publishers from across Wales with a variety of target markets, having recognised the absence of a single identity and voice for publishing in Wales.

The organisation supports members to expand our reach across the globe and foster an ambitious and professional environment in which the sector can thrive.  Our members are internationally recognised for their publishing excellence, creative content and innovative publishing solutions.

  • Membership

    CCPW operates bilingually and membership is open to eligible publishers headquartered in Wales. Associate membership is available for affiliated organisations. The organisation will encompass Cwlwm Cyhoeddwyr, which currently supports Welsh-language publishers and will continue to do so.

  • Join us in developing CCPW

    We have published our vision and aims below and welcome input or feedback on any aspect of forming and running CCPW and hope you will join us on this exciting journey.
  • Administrator

    Our administrator is Sian Evans, who looks after the day-to-day running of CCPW. Contact Sian by email:

Vision: To promote and develop publishing from Wales to the World

Our aim is to be an inclusive, recognised, authoritative voice for the publishing sector in Wales, working collaboratively with and for the benefit of all our publishers and for the advancement of the sector. Our members are internationally recognised for their publishing excellence, creative content and innovative publishing solutions. 

Aims – The six aims of Cyhoeddi Cymru/Publishing Wales are:

1. To give publishing in Wales an identity
  • Creating solidarity amongst the publishing sector in Wales, focusing on our common ground.

  • Creating a community based around our shared passion for what we do and our ambitions as a collective.

2. To put the Welsh publishing sector on the global map
  • International in outlook, both in aspiration and in representing the sector abroad.

  • Promoting the talent of Welsh authors, illustrators, editors, publishing houses and others to Wales and to the World.

3. To champion and grow the publishing sector in Wales
  • Promoting access to print, digital and online content.

  • Ensuring that the value of rights is recognised by everyone, including authors/illustrators, to encourage the flow of investment into the sector.

  • Representing and securing a strong voice for the publishing sector within the Creative Industry/Creative Wales Welsh Government focus.

  • Building and demonstrating a compelling case around the importance of Welsh publishing.

  • Understanding the economic importance to individuals and communities within the micro, small and medium business sector.

  • Promoting the value of the ‘Welsh Pound’ and the Future Generations Act when it comes to awarding public sector contracts relevant to the publishing sector and recognising the wider impact on communities when investing in and developing the sector.

  • Advancing publishing excellence, innovation, creativity, resilience and sustainability.

4. To encourage the growth of readers within Wales at all levels
  • Recognising the importance of literacy to society and increasing the volume of readers at all levels of ability.

5. To encourage and support the growth of the Welsh language, multi-culturism, and diversity
  • Bilingual in our identity and operations.

  • Inclusive and diverse in our membership and approach.

6. To be a unified, authoritative voice for the sector
  • Representing Welsh publishers when talking to other organisations:

Books Council of Wales, Literature Wales, Creative Wales, Welsh Government, the media, Welsh universities with courses relevant to the sector and other trade bodies in the UK and Worldwide.

  • Lobbying and working with Welsh Government and other relevant organisations and causes.